I’ve been surrounded by animals my whole life, and I started photographing my kitten in 2010. This is what sparked interest in photography. I started off with the cats and dogs, then set a tent up in the garden to photograph the birds. That didn’t last long though, not only because the tent blew away in a storm, but because I much preferred the four legged subjects!

Fast forward a few years, and I’m in my 20s building a business orientated towards pet and equine photography over at Dream Chaser Photography. I love meeting the animals and showing their owners (who are often surprised at how well their dog behaved) the results of their sessions.

I have my own animals at home which include ferrets, cats and dogs. They are nice subjects to use in photos and my dog Spud is great for getting those action photos and will pretend to be a bird sometimes too 😉

OK, but what about the wildlife?

The wildlife part came after I had been in awe watching some of the Our Planet documentaries, and watching the behind the scenes footage. I’ve always loved behind the scenes stuff. I was photographing butterflies in the garden during some nice weather with new found inspiration and really enjoyed the challenge of taking 100’s of shots to get the perfect one. So I started looking up wildlife photography and found a competition that was due to close on the 30th September 2019. It was the start of September. I didn’t even have a long enough lens…

And that is where my journey started! Click here to see how the first week went!