A Week of Corvids

It’s been a while since I’ve written – I guess I keep forgetting.

On Friday 20th March, the UK’s schools, pubs and restaurants were forced to close due to Covid – 19. Things are uncertain at the moment but I think the best way to spend your time is doing something you love – if it’s safe to of course! I work in a Pub and I’ll be very happy getting away from others into the wilderness.

Espen Hellend came up with a great idea that for this week we should focus on photographing Corvids and use the hashtag #corvidnotcovid. A brilliant idea that everyone can take part in, whether in isolation or not.

Expect lots of fails, frustrations and hopefully some wins as I set out to photograph as many Corvids as I can…


I started on Saturday with the Jackdaws that visit the garden. I was hoping to nail an in – flight shot but it’s surprising how fast they can be. Did get a couple coming onto the feeder but of course I wouldn’t use them anywhere other than on here for obvious reasons, damn that wing!

I instead grabbed a portrait and decided to head out into the outdoors.

These common black birds we see everywhere are very flighty! I ended up with this Rook that was too far away to make a good shot, but also great for testing out Topaz DeNoise. Obviously, the quality is awful, but I love how much it ‘improved’ it.

DAY 2: 23rd MARCH

A lovely morning out there so I headed out, and although I saw and heard crows, rooks and magpies, it was once again back to the garden. Here’s a couple of photos I grabbed whilst I was out though.

A quick snap of this Hare. My first shot of one so plenty to improve on!

Back in the garden I managed an in flight shot, I also got one with wings out but just missed the focus by a hair..

DAY 3 – 23rd MARCH.

What a morning. Again, up before there were too many people around. I didn’t plan on getting anything as I feel it doesn’t work and you feel frustrated. I was walking down the track and spotted a white flash. It turned out to be a Stoat and I was able to watch it for a few minutes before dog walkers scared it away. Excuse the photos it was early and overcast!

I heard 3 Woodpeckers, and looked up and saw my first Jay!


At 8.30pm last night Boris Johnson placed stricter restrictions on the UK’s movements and were urged not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, and to go out once a day for exercise.

Back to the garden it is. I got a visit for 20 seconds from this Rook though. They always remind me of witches… in the way witches are depicted in cartoons anyway.

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