More Misses with the Weather

It’s starting to become a common theme. When I’m at work, the weather is lovely (or at least there’s enough light), and when I’m off/able to go out to try and photograph something, it turns against me.

Take this last week. It was horrible all week so I didn’t feel bad about not going out. However I wake up on Sunday morning and there is snow. I, of course, had work at 11. I figured I could use the garden birds but then it clouded over… meaning any attempt would have been pointless. I did get the robin though but as you can see there’s actually more mud than grass in the garden at the moment… The joys of a multi – animal household.

Monday 16th Dec – just over a week until Christmas. Time to do some shopping in person as I have no card. It was lovely and sunny so I thought I would take a wander down the canal whilst Mum was visiting Grandad in hospital. I had an hour, so lugged my stuff through town and sure enough, the second I started to walk to my destination, the sun was covered by a huge cloud. I always give up too easily, so I carried on, having faith in the weather – besides, I reckoned at least I can get some ideas for the future.

I carried on, and found two squirrels… but I wasn’t happy. Too dark. It felt like 4pm, not 2pm. The rain came and I headed back. Where the sun then came out in drabs but by then it was time to meet back up and go shopping!

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