A Day of Firsts

After not having any successful outings, I finally had a day to go to Leighton Moss.

I hadn’t allowed myself to have any expectations as it wasn’t due to be great weather light wise, so I was using it as a tester day to see what was around, and plan some future trips. We arrived just after 9.15am and the sun was trying to get out.

There were plenty of Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Robins. I wasn’t too fussed with the Tits as they’re at home. Of course we have two Robins in the garden too, but it’s hard not to photograph the Robins at Leighton Moss as they fly right in front of you and sit, probably waiting to be fed, so I grabbed a couple anyway of some that were following us. At one point as I was knelt waiting for a Nutchatch I nearly landed on one that was sat right in front of my feet!

Within 5 – 10 minutes of walking around I spotted a Trrecreeper – my first ever sighting! I followed it for a while, going up and round the tree before flying to another. Unfortunately I could’nt get a fast enough shutter speed, so decided to try when it was a bit later. Still very exciting though.

Looking further up the trees, I got another first. Fieldfares were enjoying the berries and apples.

We carried on exploring and there was an area bustling with activity full of various Tits and…a Treecreeper! As I waited, a female pheasant came strolling, so I focused on her for a while.

On the way back from the path we had walked I was stood watching the trees for any movement when a Male pheasant started following us, so he was next on the list…

Back to the tree, being out in the open made it a bit easier light wise but I still wasn’t high enough so I burst of some shots to increase the chance of a keeper.. and I got one. Initially I wasn’t too sure as my settings again weren’t ideal but I think I managed to save it – with the help of Topaz Denoise AI.

I’m looking forward to getting a better shot in better light but for a first I’m pretty happy!!

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