Spending Time with the Starlings

To practice my birds in flight, and capturing some behaviour, Starlings were the focus of the garden.

Fighting over a feeder gives good opportunities for shots, however it’s not as easy as it sounds! When they squabble they can go in any direction, and there are many shots where they just flew up out of the image.. or they went just behind the focus point.

Still, highly entertaining and when you watch for a while you can start to know when to expect an incoming bird.

Their ability to stay in the air is amazing, although at one point, there was a collision as an incoming bird whacked into the one it wanted to move out of the way.. you could hear them connect!

I’m not a fan of green, which is a bit difficult when photographing wildlife, so I brought some vines from the back field to add some colour, and how nice of a background does it make, especially for portraits?

Of course, in any competition, you do get individuls who play dirty..

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