Another Rainy Day

Today I had plans to venture out to grab some bird shots, I didn’t mind if it was raining, but I was concerned about the lack of light. I took a few test shots in the garden and decided it wouldn’t be worth it. With no tripod until next month, Id probably be setting myself up to fail!

So I decided to just try and focus on the very wet birds at home. I sat outside on the floor, and had mini strength training session, working my legs and arms, trying to position myself comfortably, low, and so I could actually see! I managed to stay in that position long enough to use the nasturtiums to blur my foreground for me.

The Blue Tits were out, and looking very unhappy with the weather..

What I enjoyed most though, are the colours in the Jackdaw. I love these birds, and being able to see all the subtle colours in them is lovely. They also work great in black and white.

This reminds me of a cartoon character with speech bubbles!

Tomorrow I have a horse and rider shoot so hopefully it’s better weather than today. I hope to get out properly at some point this coming week – please be kind weather!

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