Still no Luck!

Walking home from work at 10.45 last night, the sky was filled with stars and no clouds were in sight. Surely a good sign for the morning?

Exhausted, I contemplated whether it was worth getting up at 6 again on my morning off, and came to the conclusion that you have to be there to have a chance. As I was getting ready, the sky was a lovely pink, giving me extra motivation. The wind had picked up – no doubt in preparation for the rainy week ahead, and I did start to think I won’t get the mist.

I wasn’t wrong! Although the morning was nice, I felt a bit deflated! Over to the right of me a load of crows were making a racket, and were all sat on one of the buildings which I thought looked a bit eerie!

Off I trundled. I walked along the river, and stumbled upon some geese that live along there, and the sun was giving a lovely light, but they were in the shade. I willed them to walk towards the light (without sounding sinister!), and a couple went there.

At around 7.15, the sun was just about to fully rise over the hill, so I decided to go and sit on the shoreline for a while. The light down there wasn’t the best but I did see, 2 Dippers fly past.

From the time I arrived, a couple of Cormorants were flying up the river, but I couldn’t get them. In total I saw 4 – which was lovely to know that if I had the time, I could spend some time getting there before dawn and letting them get used to me sat there.

I decided that I would follow the river right round rather than crossing it and going back on myself. With that in mind I set off again, only to be confronted with a load of sheep. I braved it and went in the field.. looked at the way I needed to go to plan my escape if needed! Further on were sheep right across, with cows in the background. I looked ahead, deciding I’d have to cross the bridge – when these two popped their heads right where I needed to go.

I stood there telling myself someone else had just walked by and hadn’t died so I could. I couldn’t. I stood there for a while arguing with that negative voice when the sheep moved behind something, in my anxious state, my brain told me they were probably waiting for me to walk past and they’d jump out. Haha. I decided to turn back. Imagine my horror when all the cows from another field had moved onto the bit of shore I was sat on 10 minutes before. I was stuck.

I wandered up and down.. deciding what to do. Then I saw two walkers coming from the way of the cows! That gave me the confidence to confront the sheep, as even though the people were maybe 5 minutes away, at least they’d find me should I be savaged! It’s all very silly. So, I went, not bravely, and not the route I was meant to go, but I rounded the corner to the bridge, snuck past 5 sheep and headed over to the other side of the river.

After that, and no decent photos, it was nearing 8.30, and being a Saturday, the people were out enjoying the morning with their dogs so headed back home.

I am going to dismiss this mist idea now, and seeing as we’ll be having miserable weather, a different plan will be put in place, and I’ll be visiting a different area on a day I won’t feel like I have to rush. Still, a nice 5 mile walk to start the morning!

The birds I saw:

  • Heron
  • Ducks
  • 2 Dippers
  • Geese
  • 4 x Cormorants
  • 2 Swans
  • A bird of prey which was too far to identify
  • A lot of Blue Tits flying into a holly hedge
  • Of course, the trusty Robin.

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