Got the Lens! The First Week

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”

– Robert Lynd

In the hope I might be able to enter a competition, for hours and hours I researched lenses. I finally ended up with the Sigma 150-600mm on the 3rd September ’19 and couldn’t wait to get playing with it. I wasn’t disappointed. Sat on my back step I could photograph the garden birds with ease and had great fun. I set up some logs for them and waited. I managed to get most of the birds and I was happy with the shots. However, a Great Tit and a Robin were proving difficult.

3 Days later I got some shots I was happy with. I set up a log for the Robin, and obviously he kept landing right next to it! Eventually I got what I wanted, then the Great Tit landed on an ideal branch for me to get it! Success.

A couple of days later I headed out to test it in ‘the field’. Living in the countryside does haave it’s downsides, especially when you’re scared of sheep. The route I was taking was full of sheep. Starting off in the woods, I had a look around but due to the river being very fast, I couldn’t hear anything so crossed into the fields. The first field was empty of any livestock, also empty of any signs of life. Up a very steep hill, where a stile is very poorly placed, the next field had horses in, but looking beyond to where I was headed was a field full of sheep and cows. Damn. I decided to stay in the horse field and waited to see what birds would appear. Lots of Swifts, I wasn’t even going to attempt getting those! A Goldfinch landed on the barbed wire, only staying still long enough for a record shot. In the bright sunlight I sat down, and the sheep on the other side of the fence crowded round – was I glad there was a stream and two fences between us!

Then, in the shadows under the trees, I saw something move. Once my eyes had adjusted, I spotted a squirrel. The squirrel also spotted me and started to bury the acorn, thought better, and jumped on a fence post, where unfortunately the leaves kept blowing in the way. I did managed to get it though, and came away happy. My next trips weren’t as successful as you’ll find out!

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