Chasing the Sunrise…

And completely missing it.

I have an image in my head that I’d like to get, and for that I need a sunrise, and mist. Or just sunrise. I’m not fussy.

Last week I had a couple of days off so on Monday 9th September, I headed over some fields to try and catch some nice light that was predicted. Up and out for 6.20 ready for sunrise at 6.40. Arriving at my location I found somewhere nice to settle and waited..the sky stayed grey. I waited and realised it wasn’t going to happen, and my back was starting to hurt along with headaches so I turned home.

I was at work for 7.30am on Tuesday and there was the most gorgeous sunrise. Typical. Wednesday and Thursday weren’t great, which is good as I wasn’t well. Back to work at 7.30 on Friday. Saturday it is then.. I planned where I was going.. and woke up at 8.30!! Missed it again. I was supposed to stay awake all night to make sure but drifted off around 3.45am. I could have done Sunday morning but wanted to rest a bit as I was at work at 11 and didn’t want to mess my back up.

On Saturday afternoon we did head out though to have a look around at locations. There was a Pheasant sat on the wall as we walked up the road, I tried to creep up but he spotted me and flew into the sun. Just a quick shot so nothing great.

As I scoured the fields either side of the road, my Mum, said, there’s a dead Fox there, and I stepped forward to look where, and I almost stood on it. I’d never seen a Fox in the flesh before, and the poor thing was just on the verge with it’s tail detached 5 feet away. We carried on walking and before turning back, there was a gap in the wall where a Wood Pigeon was sat in the light. I mean it’s only Pigeon but I loved the colours, and it’s better than nothing right?

We headed back down and to a different route, and I was looking through the trees pointing out, what a perfect log/branch/perch things would make. As I was mentioning how I’d just need one more shot, a Robin flew across the road and pointedly sat in the hedge looking straight at me. I said it’d be good if it came out into the open a bit so he did. I’m sure they know sometimes. When I lost him in the frame, and said, where’s he gone, he looked at me. There was a couple with a dog further on down the road who had stopped, so I thought we’d better keep walking in case they were waiting for us to pass, and he followed us for a good few meters.

In the hedge

We walked a little further and found some lovely spots I can revisit so it was worhtwhile.

Monday, another gorgeous sunrise. At work – but it was dog sitting so it made up for it!

Tuesday. Gorgeous sunrise. At work. No worries, I have a day off on Wednesday.

Wednesday. Up at 5.30. It was predicted to be sunny so off I set. Got to the river at 6.30.. saw some geese, accidentally woke two ducks up, and a heron was fishing. Perfect. If the light comes, I’m in a good position should it fly down river as I’ve often seen it do. 7am came.. it was still dull, and my images weren’t coming out nice at all due to the lack of light. Then, a black figure came flying from my left and landed right in front of me. ISO up, shutter speed down. A cormorant! I checked my image – no good. I looked to refocus and it had vanished.. then popped back up around 5 meters away.. go go.. nope. If only I had packed my 70 -200 2.8.. for that extra light. Never mind! A great experience to witness. And a record shot if nothing else.

I had a walk around and nearing 8 the light was no better.. I decided it was no use, I was cold and sore. Then a trust little Robin posed in some wild flowers – thanks little one, but I won’t get a decent shot!

I am now at work every morning until Saturday – so we will see what that brings. However I’ll be working until 10pm or so, so I might be too tired!

(It’s Thursday now, and of course being at work, this morning was stunning and the mist stayed until after 10 – very frustrating!)

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